Life At LINK Development

Here at LINK Development, we aim to create a working culture which reflects our global footprint, and helps us meet the needs of our globally diverse customers.

Our vision is to have an inclusive culture which respects, values, celebrates and makes the most of the diversity of our people.

Therefore, we want people from all walks of life to join LINK Development family. We want to attract the best talent there is - whoever they are, wherever they come from and whatever professional background and experience they have.

Our Values


We live and work with passion about what we do. It is what energizes us and makes us stand out. Our Passion for technology and innovation does not keep us from fully realizing that technology alone does not solve business challenges, only PEOPLE do.


Quality is a way of life and it underlines all our activities.


We make sure that our business as usual remain unusual. Innovation sets our pulse.

Team Play

Trust the team and the dream ” is our motto. The whole is stronger and larger than the sum of the parts. We synergize and leverage our differences. We trust our team and our people to better align technology with business challenges and to empower business and people with innovative technology solutions.