Healthcare delivery is rapidly changing. Trends—such as an ageing population, an increasing burden of chronic diseases, and economic shifts—are generating new needs.

 There are many other issues facing the health industry in the Middle East & GCC which means that an increased focus on promoting innovation in service delivery, funding and the use of technology together with better resource allocation and a continuous drive to process improvement are no longer optional.

LINK Development provides one-stop-shop solutions specifically tailored for the Healthcare sector (Hospitals, Clinics, Insurance companies…etc.) aiming to enhance healthcare services in the region.

 LINK Development, in partnership with Get Real Health, is providing the award-winning InstantPHR™ technology platform to patients and healthcare providers.

A flexible and interoperable suite of web-based health tools for personal health, InstantPHR’s data visualization and care management tools can be used to quickly, easily and cost-effectively create and customize personal health applications — both on the web and via mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Download PDF