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Charities and Nonprofit organizations are constantly competing for dollars – whether it’s for donations from constituents or dividing up scarce resources within the organization itself. This is especially true given rising administration costs, regulatory reporting needs, and intense competition for funding and awareness among a growing not-for-profit sector. 

Nonprofits are increasingly turning to information technology to stretch their dollars and do more with less. Link Development is particularly adept at helping Nonprofits and charities use information technology (IT) to achieve organizational objectives. 

LINK Development’s “O Charity” is a dedicated line of business, serving charities and NGOs, providing a wide range of IT solutions ranging from portals, mobile applications, and online donation modules to internal business applications, funds management and reporting tools. 

LINK Development “O Charity” solutions are specifically designed to: 

  • Maximize the value of your existing IT investments and extend their usefulness
  • Increase your organization’s visibility, while enhancing your capabilities in advocacy and fundraising
  • Streamline your process for managing operations, constituency information, and relationships
  • Reduce IT and administrative costs, so those dollars can be re-directed toward the primary mission of your organization
  • Provide a concrete, sustainable IT roadmap that directly supports your organization’s short and long-term goals
  • Manage your IT resources on an ongoing basis, so you can focus on your core operations