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Innovation Management

Solutions to the most complex issues that face the world today reside in what people think and feel. LINK Development offers an easy-to-use, fast time-to-market, cloud-based software platform for digital innovation management. The platform allows organizations to source innovative ideas from public or private audience within a streamlined process. Starting with idea collection, the platform exposes ideas to voting, evaluation, routing, implementation and monitoring. Featuring transparent collaboration on ideas and rich insights, the platform boosts crowd-powered innovation, increases audience loyalty and accelerates positive transformation.



Key Highlights

  • On-Cloud: Quick set-up, cost-efficiency, scalability, and availability
  • Ease of Use: Bilingual (English, Arabic) with familiar, attractive interface
  • Collaboration: Social engagement with commenting, sharing, reviewing, attaching files in idea discussion
  • Insights: Analytics-rich dashboards to monitor ideas, engagement rates and ROI


Key Benefits

  • Involvement: Promote direct, focused and collaborative interactions with target crowds
  • Innovation: Get genuine ideas that solve real issues bottom-up
  • Excellence: Innovation is an integral step in your positive transformation & performance excellence


Why LINK Development’s Innovation Management Solution?

  • Experience: More than 20 years of experience with focus on Innovation and Performance Excellence solutions
  • Consultancy: Advice customers on best utilization of innovation management technology as part of their innovation management initiatives and programs
  • Customization: Tailoring the platform to meet organization-specific innovation techniques and needs and implementing accordingly
  • Integration: Enable seamless idea generation, flow and tracking from within other software solutions and systems at customer internal environment (CRM, HR or others)
  • Training and Support: Partnering with the customer to ensure maximum adoption, utilization and sustainability of implemented innovation solutions.