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Smart Gov 2.0 Platform

Governments around the world face social, economic, and global challenges to deliver more efficient and proactive services.  

The introduction of second-generation information and communication technologies referred to as Web 2.0 have changed citizen expectations towards the accessibility and delivery of government services and the effectiveness of current government delivery channels.

LINK Development Smart Government framework serves wide range of user groups covering Citizens, Internal Employees, Business and Other Government Entities.

  • For Citizens; the framework is to avail relevant information and services streamlining all the transaction between the government and the public. Increasing satisfaction and access to government services in addition to enhancing customer experience are the primary outcomes of such services.
  • For Internal Employees; the framework is to modernize the work environment automating internal services, and providing a platform for the employees to perform day-to-day tasks, focusing on increasing organizational efficiency and reducing request handling time as a main objective.
  • For Business; the framework helps both starting and established business to better perform through automating relevant government services (i.e. licensing) in addition to supporting information and materials. Such services will enhance the overall investment environment in the country and increase business owners’ satisfaction.
  • For Government; the framework is to act as the nucleus of interconnected government where all the services and information exchange is streamlined and regulated between different governmental entities.  This is to improve communication, data access and data sharing to better respond to citizen needs.

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