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Digital Consulting

Optimize your strategies, objectives and business processes through a full-fledged digital roadmap and strategy empowering all your stakeholders and meeting international trends and standards.

LINK Development provides its customers with a business consultancy offering applying different techniques to identify objectives, goals, stakeholders, services and challenges in order to build a tailored software and digital road-map allowing them to achieve optimum results and benefits.

LINK Development Digital Consultancy Pillars:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Audience Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Technology & Social Media Trends
  • User Interface & Usability
  • Technology Platform
  • Search Engine Optimization

Our Methodology of Consultancy Service comprises of:

  • Envisioning Phase: that works through scrutinizing different input and knowledge gathered through workshops, interviews, questionnaires and surveys to identify the organization’s strategies, objectives, goals, services, stakeholders, business processes and KPIs allowing our business consultants to have a full picture of the organization that they can build their consultancy on. This full picture is documented in an Envisioning Document.
  • Assessment Phase: in this phase, the digital gap between the organization and its competitors or peers is identified by assessing the organization’s current digital and online standing, bench-marking national, regional and international peers and studying international trends, standards and best practices. This phase results in an Assessment Document covering several pillars, like functionality analysis, usability analysis, content analysis, channels analysis, audience analysis, technology analysis, social media analysis and/or current business processes.
  • Recommendations Phase: having the documents and knowledge assets produced from previous stages, the final phase is to generate a Recommendations Document covering the recommended online strategy and digital road-map featuring all the assessed pillars and/or recommendations for business processes re-engineering.