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Customer Relationship Management

We help you manage all interactions between sales, product stocks, services,payments, contractual stipulations, and/or any other aspects of correlation between the company and its customers, providing the means by which a company can provide a constantly accurate and reliable product/service to its customers.  

LINK Development’s CRM solution is an all-in-one solution that incorporates Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and offers not only the centralization of customer’s data. We provide a solution that can be deeply and thoroughly tailored to the last detail, as per your company’s specific needs. Our solution focuses on how to reach customer service excellence through having better customer profile visibility, streamlined automated services, smart features, all that to enhance employee performance, communication and productivity while maintaining costs as a first priority. 

The solution is also built to be extremely dynamic, either on Premise or on Cloud. The solution comes with a built-in workflow engine, form-builder, security protocol control…etc. allowing you enhance the solution’s functionality and output as needed.


Giving complete view of customer’s sales-related activities as: communications, open quotes, pending orders, and invoices. In addition to managing the account’s activities such as tasks, phone calls, appointments, etc

Lead routing management: Logging and tracking of information related to prospective customers with the ability to qualify and assign new inquiries. Leads can be automatically routed to the corresponding salespeople or teams

Sales process management: Like initiating, tracking, and closing sales consistently and efficiently while assisted by workflow rules that automate tasks within the stages of the selling process

So organizations can:

  • Manage and qualify leads/prospects 
  • Track opportunities, quotes, orders, and invoices 
  • Create and access a database of its products or services that it sells and maintain complete details for sales literatures

Marketing management module is very useful for the business to communicate efficiently with customers and to reach them in cases like:

  • Announcing for new services
  • Inviting them to global events
  • Notifying them about services, news, down times, etc.

CRM users will be able to schedule needed campaigns, monitor deadlines, and plan for important dates. Communication managers will be able to coordinate tasks easily among their team members and then track the progress of their team members and the overall progress of the tasks they assigned.

Complaint Management Module contains powerful and easy to use features that manage the complete cycle of issuing cases/incidents till their resolution. Call center agents/front office employees will be able to create customers’ cases on the system and easily categorize the cases as complaint or requests regardless of the submission channel which can be phone, email, fax, face to face, and others. 

Case Management Module provides the below:

  • Cases Workflows: Designing rule-based assignment workflows 
  • Cases SLA and Escalation Process: Defining the WFs’ SLAs and Escalation rules
  • Cases Activity Management: Managing activities related to created cases
  • Cases Emails Templates: Designing Email templates that will be fired from inside the workflows
  • Queues Management: Configure needed queues to be used for routing and assigning tasks and activities of created cases
  • Knowledge Base: Using CRM built in knowledge base management to create needed article templates

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