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In most firms today, portals play a critical role in facilitating communication and collaboration, access to relevant data, and optimization of business processes. Both internal and external users can benefit from a considerable enhancement to their operation and overall experience.  

Using Microsoft technologies, we provide solutions that increase workforce productivity and enable teams to work more effectively across boundaries with partners and customers. LINK Development delivers the edge with Microsoft latest technologies to meet your team and organizational collaboration and connectivity needs across intranet as well Internet Portals.

Your employees can use a vast array of utilities to help them share personal expertise, information, and organizational knowledge. Our organization can also manage security levels and usage policies. With Microsoft technologies incorporated into your business collaboration platform, you can empower your people to operate together more effectively and more intelligently.

An Internet Portal is a company’s online face and business card. It is the image by which customers meet you, and build their first impression of you, both in the digital world and beyond it. This is why at LINK Development we understand full well the meaning and value of an Internet Portal, and what it can do for your business. And it all starts with a Landing Page.

LINK Development offers a full portal framework including a wide range of professional graphic design services like logo design, corporate identity development, multimedia and flash development…etc. We use the latest technological innovations in web development, and make use of the most advanced web design tools, thus ensuring the top-notch quality of the end-product and complete satisfaction of our customers. We create a web portal that introduces you, describes you, and presents you in your best image to your customers; thereby improving customer experience and driving loyalty.


LINK Development’s Intranet Portals provide a powerful, reliable, internal network that facilitates a constant connectivity for employees and company computer terminals. It provides a fast, cost-effective, means for an organization to be interconnected between all its sites and/or branches, and has the ability to facilitate sharing information, operational systems, and/or computing services throughout the company’s internal digital network. This is all done safely and securely to ensure the highest levels of privacy for company data and information.


Transform every communication into an interaction that is more collaborative, engaging and accessible from anywhere!

Extranet portals are great tools for businesses to securely share large files and generally communicate and collaborate. LINK Development solution provides a secure communication solution for linking business partners. We provide you with an affordable, scalable, and secure extranet solution to give your employees,  customers, and partners a central online location to easily share  information anytime and anywhere.

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