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Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is essentially a sort of personalized encyclopedia for whatever content/knowledge you would like to publish, all presented in an easy, professional and legible digital medium.  

For your clients, a gateway to knowledge promises superior autonomy and quick, convenient, and definitive accomplishment of their desired goals. For your workforce, it signifies reduced pressure, more rapid response times, and the convenience of sharing new data, information, skills and expertise.

You can harness, share and command the knowledge at your disposal— you can give the knowledge necessary to tackle outstanding issues where they will be most valuable and effective. You also have the ability select a standard of sophistication that complements the objectives of your organization: from a basic knowledge reservoir, across the range to a decisive edge and experience for your resources and workforce.

  • Lead your clients to the relevant information with an array of technology-supported tools. Bring feasible solutions and common flaws into focus live, as your employees’ progress towards resolution. Command the acquisition, outflow and sharing of knowledge and information with accuracy towards various stake-holders.
  • Enhance the supremacy of your knowledge and information with automated processes for data and information acquisition, authorization and dissemination. Assimilate and absorb external knowledge sources into the available inventory, and relay the effective utilization of knowledge with precision.
  • Grant your clients access to relevant data and knowledge in an uncomplicated, convenient, and easy-to-use self-service portal. Provide your employees with the information and materials they require to resolve issues with increased speed and efficiency by utilizing our technology-supported tools.

LINK Development Knowledge Management Framework Pillars:

  • Knowledge Sources
  • Integration
  • Workflows Business Process Management
  • Documents & Record Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Enterprise Semantic Search Classifications
  • Business Intelligence
  • Authoring & Publishing




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